Our results speak for themselves. Please have a look at what our students have to say about Atharva.

Abhijeet Shukla

  • 1st in Pune, AIIMS AIR - 182, KVPY AIR - 311 (2013)
I strongly believe that if you have the conviction to pursue your dreams and stand by them, then nothing is impossible. Dreams do come true and Atharva Classes has been a turning point in my life. I am humbled by the accolades that I have received and I wish to better myself with each passing year. Atharva Classes gave me personal attention and that made all the difference for me. The study material was exhaustive and it embellished me with all the knowledge that i needed for the exam.

Virendra Kakade

  • MHT - CET 2007, 1st in Pune(Engineering)
Atharva Classes gave me what I was loking for: guidance and special individual attention. I learnt a lot from faculty members and their words of advice have left a lasting impression on me. The training at Atharva is very different from other coaching classes. They have helped in bringing out our true potential. The study materials are vey inspiring and their numerous facilities make us proud of being an Atharva. They gave us confidence and pushed us to give our best shot.

Parent's testimonial

  • Dr. Prachi Shukla(Mother of Abhijeet Shukla)
One of the philosophies that I instilled in Abhijeet was that "there is no substitute to hard work". I am glad his deligence and single minded paid off.But most of all, I would like to thank Atharva Classses for nurturing his talent and giving him the attention that he deserved. Every child is special and I have noticed Atharva Classes has been successfully creating "special" talents every year. With the right kind of coaching and a positive attitude towards the future. Atharva has made a big difference in my son's life. I am truly grateful to Atharva for shaping his career.

“In the midst of this competitive world and the competative exams, be assured that Atharva Classes is your ladder to success.”