"Educational Success, Beyond Boundries"

About Us
ATHARVA CLASSES.... Hard work: Not always the formula for Success!
A high flying carrer in the ultra-competitive filed of Medicine or Engineering cannot be built overnight but over nights of burning the midnight oil and working hard towrads a vision. At Atharva Classes, we also add invaluable experience, a visionary approach and smart perspective to your efforts. Now that unarguably leads to success!
We share the same goals as you - of making your child successful with a career that immensely rewards her or him in the long run. Thanks to our highly experienced, committed and professional faculty, we open the doors for students to several career opportunities in the vast universe of medicine and engineering; those that are highly respected and reputed not just in India, but all over the world!

Our vision

We nurture the great vision of becoming India's most recognized and premier institute of learning in our chosen fields. We aim to break the conventional barriers to learning by offering innovative, inspiring, qualitative and immensely cost-effective education to one and all.

Mission statement

Our single-minded focus and mission is all about creating successful professionals in Engineering and Medicine. We also want them to embark upon an illustrious journey with their technological innovations and define the future of our nation.
Dr. Khanade

"A visionary"
Dr. J. M. Khanade, a Retired Professor from Armed Forces Medical College, is a man with a broad perspective and clarity of vision. He founded Atharva Classes 15 years ago with only 4 students. Today, Atharva Classes stands tall among giants in the education arena, in Pune, with a reputation few can match. It now accommodates more than 1000 students every year!

Prof. Bindusar Khanade
Words of Wisdom from the Director
Following in the illustrious footsteps of Dr. Khanade, his son Mr. Bindusar Khanade, who is also a qualified Mechanical Engineer, has successfully taken over the reins of Atharva Classes. He shares the vision of his father and this is what drives him to propel Atharva Classes and its students towards glorious future. The prestigious institute stands for Quality and Eminence offering special coaching for All India Level Medical and Engineering entrance exams.

“In the midst of this competitive world and the competative exams, be assured that Atharva Classes is your ladder to success.”